Meet the Author: Nicole Conway

MeetAuthor--Nicole.pngNicole Conway is the author of Scales, a teen fantasy with dragons and epic battles set in contemporary NYC. It’s coming in the spring, but before then, we wanted you to meet the book’s incredible author.

A few things you may not know about Nicole:

  • I was homeschooled! My mom, who has been a professional teacher most of her adult career, homeschooled my brother and me until I was in the 6th grade. And I never once felt like I was “missing out” because I didn’t go to public school. We were very active and did tons of sports and extracurricular activity. I had lots of friends. And the best part? I got to develop my identity and interests free of judgement or pressure of what was “popular.” I know this is one of the reasons I wound up writing. I fell in love with it young, and my mother fostered and nurtured that interest—giving me opportunities I might not have ever had otherwise.
  • I am obsessed with 90s-2000s pop music. Is it terrible to write a gory medieval battle scene to MMMBop by Hanson? Cause I’ve done it! Okay, so my musical tastes are extremely broad. I love everything from Sabaton to Ricky Martin to Van Halen—and it’s not uncommon for me to have all that on ONE playlist. But I love the pop hits of my childhood. They take me right back to those happy moments when I first fell in love with stories, both reading and writing them! I guess you could say “I Want It That Way” … 😉

authorquote-nicoleconwayNicole’s advice for writers:

My advice to writers, regardless of where you are in your career journey, is to WRITE. It’s really that simple. Successful writers write—they finish manuscripts—PLURAL! So finish book one, then start on book two. Don’t stop. Learn from every edit. It’s a craft that takes time to learn and train your brain to do it well. You’ll get better with every page, so WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!


Nicole Conway is the author of the international bestselling fantasy series, THE DRAGONRIDER CHRONICLES and a follow-on series, THE DRAGONRIDER LEGACY. Her other published works include MAD MAGIC, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN STARS, SCALES (Spring 2019), and THE DRAGONRIDER TRIALS (2020). Find more about Nicole here.

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