We are currently CLOSED to new submissions.

We are generally open to queries February, June, and September, but until we can catch up on our current workload, we will be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our Mission is to publish world-altering stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Genre Fiction

We like it all: romantic fantasy, mind-bending science fiction, dark urban paranormal, and horror. We have different readers for each genre, and some like it darker than others, but we’re always excited about other worldly adventures for any age group.


From historically-based contemporary to modern love stories, we love to live vicariously through today’s teens and tweens. We’re not so much interested in books written for contemporary adults, though. We experienced enough midlife malaise in our college English classes, but if you have something you think will interest us, send it anyway!

Non Fiction

We’re mostly interested in topics related to pop culture, geek culture, feminism, and where academia intersects with culture. This could be anything from the role of superheroes on television, to society’s view of vampires, to how blogging works as a history of our culture, to whatever else you can think of. When in doubt, send us a proposal! We’re always excited about new ideas.

Not Interested

We are not currently seeking picture books, short story collections, poetry, screen plays, erotica, memoirs, or religious/inspirational works.

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