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For readers, for writers, for everyone!

Book of the Month Club:

  • We pick a book we’re excited to read with the community
  • The ebook is 99 cents for the month
  • We all read the book (or not—come even if you haven’t!)
  • We meet the 4th Thursday to discuss the book in fun and interactive ways

We can’t wait to see you there! 

(*Authors will only be in attendance when specifically listed.)



Book of the Month Club: Jack Be Quick by Benjamin Thomas*

  • September 2: Worldbuilding in Books and Video Games with Thomas Welsh
  • September 9: No Facebook Live
  • September 16: Jennifer Bardlsey event through Edmonds Bookshop
  • September 23: New Release! Children in the Cage interview with Shelly X. Leonn
  • September 30: Book Club: Jack Be Quick with Benjamin Thomas


Book of the Month Club: Narcosis Room by Louise Cypress/Jennifer Bardsley*

  • August 5: Being Visible as an Author w/ publicist Carrie Geslison
  • August 12: The Power of Retellings w/ publisher Emma Nelson
  • August 19: New Release! The Girl with the Hickory Heart interview with Lauren Nicolle Taylor
  • August 26: Book Club: Narcosis Room w/ Jennifer Bardsley


Book of the Month Club: Platform Dwellers by Katarina Boudreaux*

  • July 1: content editors Olivia Swenson & Lauren Donovan talk finding the right editor
  • July 8: All the Lonely People conversation about the Beatles, mugwort tea, and ley lines
  • July 15: Crafting a Short Story: panel w/ authors Katie Sherman, George Brewington, and Angela Raper
  • July 22: Platform Dwellers Book Club w/ Katarina Boudreaux
  • July 29: Nurturing Creativity w/ publisher Emma Nelson


Book of the Month Club: Lazarus by Maryanne Melloan Woods*

  • June 3: The Existence of Bea Pearl w/ Candice Marley Conner
  • June 10: Panel: OHP’s new Bleeding Ink Publishing authors
  • June 17: Introducing this year’s adult anthology theme!
  • June 24: Lazarus Book Club w/ Maryanne Melloan Woods


Book of the Month Club: Bennytown by Matt Carter*

  • May 6: Finding the Right Age Group for your Query
  • May 13: The Anatomy of a Query Letter
  • May 20: Live Query Letter Readings
  • May 27: Bennytown Book Club w/ Matt Carter


Book of the Month Club: The Poppy and the Rose by Ashlee Cowles*

  • April 1: Creating Villains That Drive Better Stories, w/ publisher Emma Nelson
  • April 8: Finding Visibility as an Author, w/ publicist Carrie Geslison
  • April 15: Book Club: The Poppy and the Rose: Untold Stories of The Titanic, w/ special guest Ashlee Cowles
  • April 22:  Earth Day Open Mic Night
  • April 29: Ask Us Anything! (w/ Hannah, Olivia, Carrie, and Emma)


Book of the Month Club: Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham*

  • March 4: Luck o’ the Irish Game & OHP Anniversary Celebration
  • March 11: Creating Your Own Style Sheet/World Bible, with editor Olivia Swenson
  • March 18: Ragtag Crews Panel: authors Shelly X. Leonn and Patrick Scalisi
  • March 25: Book Club: Daughter 4254, with special guest Leigh Statham


Book of the Month Club: The Language of Cherries by Jen Marie Hawkins*

  • February 4: Romance Lit Trivia
  • February 11: Love is in the Air: panel w/ Jen Marie Hawkins, Jennifer Jenkins, and Lynn Vroman
  • February 18: The Power of Retellings and How They Can Make You a Better Writer, w/ publisher Emma Nelson
  • February 25: The Language of Cherries, with special guest Jen Marie Hawkins


  • January 21: Query Tips for the New Year, w/ Acquisitions Director Hannah Smith
  • January 28: Exploring the Science in Fiction Panel w/ Leigh Statham, Jennifer Bardsley, and Katarina Boudreaux




Book of the Month Club: Scales by Nicole Conway*

  • August 6: Book Trivia Night!
  • August 13: Kiki MacAdoo and the Graveyard Ballerinas
  • August 20: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Life as a Writer, with publisher Emma Nelson
  • August 27: Scales Book Club, with special guest Nicole Conway


Book of the Month Club: Letters to the Editor by Paul Michael Garrison*

  • September 3: Reading in the Time of Quarantine, with Carrie Geslison
  • September 10: Lazarus, with special guest Maryanne Melloan Woods
  • September 17: Four Tips for Self-editing Your Story, with editor Olivia Swenson
  • September 24: Letters to the Editor Book Club, with special guest Paul Michael Garrison


Book of the Month Club: The Witches of Willow Cove by Josh Roberts*

  • October 1: Spooky Stories and Why They Matter, with Emma Nelson
  • October 8: #Owloween Contest Details
  • October 15: The Poppy and the Rose, with special guest Ashlee Cowles
  • October 22: Building Suspense, with special guest Jennifer Jenkins
  • October 29: The Witches of Willow Cove Book Club, with special guest Josh Roberts


Book of the Month Club: Del Toro Moon by Darby Karchut*

  • November 5: National Novel Writing Month
  • November 12: On a Good Horse, with special guest Darby Karchut
  • November 19: Del Toro Moon Book Club, with special guest Darby Karchut
  • November 26: Thanksgiving Day (No FB Live)


Book of the Month Club: Holiday Break

  • December 3: Staff Picks: Our Favorite Books of 2020
  • December 10: Blackspire
  • December 17: Happy Holidays! (No FB Live)
  • December 24: Christmas Eve (No FB Live)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve (No FB Live)