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Cover Reveal: Golden Skies

Mortal Kombat + Red Rising + Star Wars = Golden Skies We're thrilled to reveal the cover for Golden Skies by Juan Zapata! It's such a unique and fun book, so we wanted a cover that evoked more of the feeling of the story rather than an actual event in the book. With its intense… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Golden Skies

Five Reasons to Join a Writers’ Group by Benjamin Thomas

I remember seeing the ad flash across Instagram…or Twitter. Maybe it was Facebook? Apparently I don’t remember it all that well. But I can see the ad. The call for writers to come join a local group and start critiquing each other’s work. Network and get out there. Maybe do a little promotion along the… Continue reading Five Reasons to Join a Writers’ Group by Benjamin Thomas

Letters to the Editor by Paul Michael Garrison

We're big fans of mystery novels, and there was something extra exciting about getting lost in Letters to the Editor, a captivating, well-written throwback to some of the classic mysteries, with its slow build and cast of well-defined, multi-dimensional characters. After a few long, enjoyable conversations with author Paul Michael Garrison about his vision for… Continue reading Letters to the Editor by Paul Michael Garrison

Daughter 4254 Pre-launch Tour and Party

Utah and Idaho welcomed Leigh Statham as she kicked off the tour for her newest novel, Daughter 4254, by visiting numerous middle and high schools, the historic Provo library, and the Grand Teton Barnes and Noble. Here's a recap of her adventures: Leigh is a natural at working the crowds, and since she's so passionate… Continue reading Daughter 4254 Pre-launch Tour and Party

Five Ways to Spark Creativity by Benjamin Thomas

Every writer gets stuck at some point. For some, the period of creative stagnation is solved by a simple nap or run at the gym. Afterward, writer's block floats away like a red balloon from a sewer drain. But for others, well. . . who knows how long it could last? There are a million… Continue reading Five Ways to Spark Creativity by Benjamin Thomas

Narcosis Room by Jennifer Bardsley

When you get a book pitched to you as Total Recall meets Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, you squeal with delight then hold your breath and hope it lives up to the expectation. When you finish that same book in a day and can't wait to beg the author to enter into a relationship with you, you know you've struck… Continue reading Narcosis Room by Jennifer Bardsley

Cover Reveal: Anna Undreaming

A dark urban fantasy, where Gaiman's Neverwhere meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We love dark fantasy, tough women, and mind-bending worlds, and Anna Undreaming combines all of these beautifully into a fast-paced, character-driven, dream-like landscape. We knew the cover had to be something equally amazing and complex. We tried out a few different designers for… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Anna Undreaming

Scales by A.N. Conway

We are big fans of Nicole Conway's Dragonrider Chronicles series for Middle Grade readers, so when she pitched us a new series for Young Adults with more dragons and an amazing new twist, we were instantly sold. Scales and its planned sequel are full of fun and adventure, while exploring what it means to be… Continue reading Scales by A.N. Conway