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Narcosis Room by Jennifer Bardsley

When you get a book pitched to you as Total Recall meets Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, you squeal with delight then hold your breath and hope it lives up to the expectation. When you finish that same book in a day and can't wait to beg the author to enter into a relationship with you, you know you've struck… Continue reading Narcosis Room by Jennifer Bardsley

Cover Reveal: Anna Undreaming

A dark urban fantasy, where Gaiman's Neverwhere meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We love dark fantasy, tough women, and mind-bending worlds, and Anna Undreaming combines all of these beautifully into a fast-paced, character-driven, dream-like landscape. We knew the cover had to be something equally amazing and complex. We tried out a few different designers for… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Anna Undreaming

Scales by A.N. Conway

We are big fans of Nicole Conway's Dragonrider Chronicles series for Middle Grade readers, so when she pitched us a new series for Young Adults with more dragons and an amazing new twist, we were instantly sold. Scales and its planned sequel are full of fun and adventure, while exploring what it means to be… Continue reading Scales by A.N. Conway

The Game of the Name by Darby Karchut

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually. The perfect names expand your imaginary universe and can help establish your characters and their world right from the get-go, which is a big ol’ bucket of help when writing a short story. Here are five things to think about when choosing names for your characters: Respect… Continue reading The Game of the Name by Darby Karchut

5 Tips for a Stronger Short Story by Leigh Statham

As the submission deadline approaches on our Teen Author Boot Camp anthology, we thought it would be helpful to share some writing insights from a published author. Leigh Statham is the perfect choice because, in addition to being a prolific short story writer, she's the founder and editor of a successful short story magazine. So,… Continue reading 5 Tips for a Stronger Short Story by Leigh Statham

Cover Tour Recap for Daughter 4254

One of our favorite parts of launching Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham was the Instagram tour of the cover that @storygramtours put together. These ladies are so talented, and we loved working with them, so we thought we'd do a post bringing all the photos together. They are gorgeous and need no explanation, so without further… Continue reading Cover Tour Recap for Daughter 4254

Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe by Patrick Scalisi

When we first read Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe, we thought: “this is amazing. What do we do with it?” With a geriatric main character in a science-fiction world and a wild plot that was both hilarious and brilliant, it was hard to pass up, but we couldn’t picture a niche for… Continue reading Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe by Patrick Scalisi

Daughter 4254 Preorder Offer

Preorder a print copy of Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham to receive an exclusive book swag giveaway! Giveaway includes: pencil pouch, 2 buttons (design/character will vary), bookmark, coloring doodle notepad, music note pencil, stacking colored pencil, and bookplate sticker, signed by the author.  Daughter 4254 available November 7, 2017! Preorder now from Amazon | Barnes &… Continue reading Daughter 4254 Preorder Offer