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5 Tips for a Stronger Short Story by Leigh Statham

As the submission deadline approaches on our Teen Author Boot Camp anthology, we thought it would be helpful to share some writing insights from a published author. Leigh Statham is the perfect choice because, in addition to being a prolific short story writer, she's the founder and editor of a successful short story magazine. So,… Continue reading 5 Tips for a Stronger Short Story by Leigh Statham

Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe by Patrick Scalisi

When we first read Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe, we thought: “this is amazing. What do we do with it?” With a geriatric main character in a science-fiction world and a wild plot that was both hilarious and brilliant, it was hard to pass up, but we couldn’t picture a niche for… Continue reading Abe Titterman and the Key to the Universe by Patrick Scalisi

Daughter 4254 Preorder Offer

Preorder a print copy of Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham to receive an exclusive book swag giveaway! Giveaway includes: pencil pouch, 2 buttons (design/character will vary), bookmark, coloring doodle notepad, music note pencil, stacking colored pencil, and bookplate sticker, signed by the author.  Daughter 4254 available November 7, 2017! Preorder now from Amazon | Barnes &… Continue reading Daughter 4254 Preorder Offer

Into the Hollow by Lynn Vroman

Lynn Vroman and her agent pitched Into the Hollow as Eleanor and Park set in Appalachia. As Eleanor and Park super fans, we were dubious, but the very next line of the query said: “(it's sincerely that good!),” as if they were expecting our skepticism.  We dug into the story and were delighted to find that Into the… Continue reading Into the Hollow by Lynn Vroman

Jack Be Quick Party

It's not every day you get to throw a launch party for a book that's both fun thriller and historical look at legendary serial killer, Jack the Ripper. We had a great time celebrating Benjamin Thomas, and we're so grateful to all who came! Here are the highlights: We held the launch at the gorgeous Provo City… Continue reading Jack Be Quick Party

Jack Be Quick Book Launch

We just received notice that all versions of Jack Be Quick are live! That means it's May 9th somewhere, and we are delighted to celebrate the release of this thrilling novel. Benjamin Thomas is one of the kindest, most grateful writers we've met. He's also worked unbelievably hard on this book, and he deserves for it to… Continue reading Jack Be Quick Book Launch

Del Toro Moon by Darby Karchut

It was love at first read when we received the query for Del Toro Moon. We hadn't even made it halfway through the requested full when we emailed the author to ask about her career goals, vision for the book, and reasoning behind querying us. And when she responded, we fell in love even more. Darby Karchut is amazing, her… Continue reading Del Toro Moon by Darby Karchut

Jack Be Quick launches on May 9th. Order before the release date to receive a free gift for print book purchases. Print Preorders Print preorders will receive a gift pack containing the following items: Jack Be Quick novelty prescription notepad Human bone pen (one per order, designs vary) Jack the Ripper dagger keychain Limited edition bookplate, signed… Continue reading