Wings-comingsoon.pngThe awesome power of the dragon totems is no longer a secret, but can Koji manage to keep his identity that way?

Koji Owens isn’t just a superhero anymore. With his fame and reputation as Noxius now spreading around the world, the scaly, lightning-weilding dragon-boy is struggling to keep his identity hidden as others clamber to discover the source of his incredible power. But someone may already know his secret. While Koji is struggling to balance high school and family life with hero-work, others are watching—waiting for the perfect chance to strike.

World-renowned historian, Dr. Khepri Nimr, will stop at nothing to use the totem scales to open a portal between dimensions and enslave the entire human world to the Kur. The ancient spirits of chaos have waited for eons to claim our world, and Dr. Nimr’s plot may finally force Koji out into the open. Desperate to defend his city from the threat of more otherworldly monsters, Koji knows he can’t win this fight alone. However, not even Drake, Fyurei, and Oceana may be enough to even the odds this time. As the dark secrets of the dragon totem scales begin to unfold, Koji soon realizes that his powers might not come as freely as he originally thought. The price? His soul…

Book Two in the Spirits of Chaos series by

Nicole Conway

Coming Summer 2020