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Week of March 12: Of Starlight and Bone Book Blitz
A fast-paced YA Space Fantasy adventure described as Cinder meets Firefly
“Packed with non-stop action, this SF adventure is sure to keep readers turning the pages!” —Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of Navigating the Stars

Week of March 19: Lazarus Book Blitz 

A YA Paranormal Mystery about a girl and her dead boyfriend working together to solve a murder.
Veronica Mars meets Encyclopedia Brown for the digital age. Two teenage sleuths solve crimes in this clever caper sure to engross even cozy mystery fans.” —Lynn B, Media Netgalley review

Week of April 2: Stanley and Hazel Book Blitz

A YA Historical Mystery set in the 1930s with romance, sleuthing, and high stakes.
“Stanley and Hazel has spooky thrills, snappy dialogue, and rich historical detail. It makes for a swell read and one that fans of Libba Bray’s Diviners won’t want to put down!”  —Jessica Day George, NYT Bestselling Author of Tuesdays at the Castle

Week of April 9: The Nine Book Blitz

Book 1 in a YA Paranormal series with a great cast of characters, a secret society, and dark academia vibes.
“A fast-paced contemporary paranormal intrigue that is as much about confidence and self-worth as it is about falling in love… Kes Trester is my new automatic download.” —Christina Boyd, The Darcy Monologues

Week of April 16: Hickory Heart Book Blitz

A YA Asian fantasy described as Mulan meets The Last Airbender, written by an Asian author.

“Taylor’s latest book takes familiar genre elements—fantastical creatures and elemental magic—and mixes them with equal parts of feminine power and Asian lore to create a fresh take on young warriors from opposing sides becoming an unstoppable team and defeating the true villain.” —Sara Fujimura, Faking Reality

Week of April 23: A Spectacle of Souls Book Blitz

A YA Paranormal about a girl with psychic abilities who falls into the wrong hands at a dark circus.
**cover coming soon**