Band of Misfits Launch Party

In April, we celebrated the release of Band of Misfits: Adventure on the High Seas, an all-teen anthology published in conjunction with Teen Author Boot Camp's annual teen writers conference. We had a blast! The turnout was fantastic, and all but two of our twenty-six teen authors were in attendance. We couldn't be more grateful… Continue reading Band of Misfits Launch Party

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The Stolen Life by Mekenzie Orton

Shivering at the unfamiliar coldness of the water, I pause once again searching for Syreni. She told me to meet at the bottom of the cliff, yet she’s nowhere to be found. Where is she? I wonder moving strands of purple hair out of my face. Focusing I listen for anything unusual only to hear… Continue reading The Stolen Life by Mekenzie Orton

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Sirens and Sisters by Makayla Tolman

I watched as my little sister, Sirena, flicked her tail, pushing herself higher in the water. Within a few minutes, we had reached the surface. The sky was black and littered with white stars. Sirena glanced around frantically, looking for something. “Sirena,” I said, grabbing her attention. “What are we doing here? We’re supposed to… Continue reading Sirens and Sisters by Makayla Tolman

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Steel Ocean by Amanda Grant

I stared at the green sea and soaked in the view. The waves tossed against the pale blue sky, and the steam stacks of The Orthodox contrasted with the small sails. Perhaps I took this view for granted, as almost no one else went sailing anymore. Fear of the Genetix— products of genetic experimentation placed… Continue reading Steel Ocean by Amanda Grant

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Where There is Hope by Jenevieve Hall

  The desert stretched on forever, an infinity of golden, rolling dunes. It appeared to be an ocean with waves moving at a pace of immeasurable slowness. Golden with time, the rocks broke through the sand every so often, while enormous creatures of the deep swam through the glowing sand with equal slowness. If I… Continue reading Where There is Hope by Jenevieve Hall

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The Hariner by Evie Thurgood

“The prize is 1000 yags. You can’t miss out on that,” the young, brown haired lady admonished. “We need your help.” The former hariner sighed, and leaned her chair back. “Fine. If we don’t find it by three months, I’m out.” The young lady smiled, “You will not regret it.” Then, the two women shook… Continue reading The Hariner by Evie Thurgood

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A Very Fishy Escape by Hannah Carr

I didn’t plan to be here. I didn’t want to be here. But somehow, I ended up here! I didn’t have a name before now, but just a few days ago, I suddenly ended up with the name, “Sushi”. I don’t know what sushi is, but whenever the prison guard tells someone my name, they… Continue reading A Very Fishy Escape by Hannah Carr

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The First Pirate by Brianna Allen

Pilikia was a beautiful sixteen year old girl with long thick dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Pilikia fell in love with an eighteen year old man named Pau. She met him one night while she was walking along the breezy shores of Hana, Hawaii. As she stared at the ground kicking the warm… Continue reading The First Pirate by Brianna Allen

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Transformation by Aubree Guymon

Eathelin was trapped in the midst of a vicious whirlpool. She rowed and struggled with all of her strength, but the swirling vortex was much too powerful. At any given moment, she would be sucked down into an endless abyss. The tang of the saltwater entered her nostrils as she was pulled to the center… Continue reading Transformation by Aubree Guymon

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The Phantom’s Eye in the Deep by Anna Eyre

Swords clashing. Cannons firing. Fire blazing. I rush down into the cargo hold and push aside barrels of rum and leftover gunpowder. Tripping over a pile of rope I stumble back onto my feet and glance out the nearest porthole. Seeing another enemy ship approach us from the port side, I pull out my spyglass… Continue reading The Phantom’s Eye in the Deep by Anna Eyre