Spanish Red

Spanish Red.pngVaquero means cowboy. And being a cowboy sure isn’t on Alex Mendoza-Smith’s bucket list. No, eleven-year old boys in Los Angeles went to school, played soccer, and thought riding a big one meant catching the perfect wave while surfing.

But tragedy strikes, and when Alex doesn’t think his life could get any worse, it does. A wrongly-worded divorce decree sends him to the small town of Valencia, Colorado to live with his estranged father for the summer until his aunt and uncle can bring him home again.

A farrier by trade and reserved by nature, Roberto Smith is about as warm as an iron horseshoe on a winter morning, and Alex is certain life with Father is going to stink. A lot. Until he finds out that his dad has bought him a peace offering of a sort. One with a sorrel coat and four hooves: Spanish Red. A prince of a horse that just might heal Alex’s heart and build a bridge between father and son.

A Middle Grade contemporary novel by

Darby Karchut



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