Coming Soon-Nicole Conway.pngKoji always thought he was just another awkward teenager. A military brat, he spent his entire life moving around and never quite feeling like he fit in. After his first day at an elite private school in NYC, he finds a mysterious bracelet in his book bag—and it’s not just your average armband.

When Koji puts the bracelet on, he is instantly transformed into a magical creature mixed between human and dragon. With his new found powers, Koji discovers a dangerous world of totems, powers, and secret identities—one that he is now a part of.

While he struggles between keeping his powers secret or helping those around him, Koji discovers other people with such totems—and they’re not all good either. Labeled as a monster or a hero, Koji tries to fight for what he believes in—but this could come at the cost of losing his own life. In this fast-paced, intensely fun and adventurous manuscript, Koji’s journey will have you on the edge of the seat as he learns about love, friendship, and what it means to really be powerful.

A YA Fantasy novel by

A.N. Conway


Coming Spring 2019