Sara Codair

ohp-saracodairABOUT THE AUTHOR

Sara Codair writes because her brain is overcrowded with stories. If she doesn’t get them out, her head might explode. When she isn’t making things up, she is teaching first-year writing at Northern Essex Community College, binge reading speculative fiction or enjoying nature.

She won second place in Women on Writing’s 2016 Winter Flash Fiction Contest and her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from many e-zines and anthologies, including Sharkasaurus, Fantasia Divinity, Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast, Scrutiny, Ink in Thirds, Centum Press, 101 Fiction, 101 Words, After Lines Anthology, Foliate Oak, Sick Lit Magazine and Mash Stories.

Her first children’s book will be published by Wizard’s Keep sometime in 2017.

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