On a Good Horse

Spanish Red-ONAGOODHORSEA boy and horse could outrun all the sadness of this flat world. If the boy believed, and the horse was fast. The sorrel knew he was swift enough to help the boy. He just needed open grassland and a light hand on the reins. He’d show Ol’ Mr. Grief his heels. Why, he’d run so fast that the wind would peel that sorrow right off the boy. Like a snake shedding its skin. Leaving it caught in the grass and drying up in the sun. Dust to dust. All the horse needed was a chance.

They say it takes a good horse to be a true cowboy. But there’s no way being a cowboy will ever make eleven-year-old Alex Nash’s bucket list. Not if it meant being anything like his seldom seen father.

Then, out of nowhere, tragedy shatters his world, and when Alex doesn’t think life could sucker-punch him again, it does. He’s forced to live with Roberto Nash, a man he barely knows. Or wants to know.

Until Alex finds out his dad has bought him a peace offering of a sort, one with a red coat, lightning speed, and one heck of a fighting spirit. A spitfire of a horse that just might heal Alex’s heart, and build a bridge between father and son.

A Middle Grade contemporary novel by

Darby Karchut



on a good horse