Of Clocks and Chaos

Coming Soon-OCACDan is as scrawny and clever as Teddy is heavy and slow. Even so, the cousins are inseparable…until the day Teddy’s obsession with clocks costs a child her life.

Sentenced to a secure mental facility, Teddy’s disabilities make him a target to be locked in dark, cramped spaces, nearly drowned, and given grisly, patchwork pets to exploit his lack of understanding. As Teddy slips deeper into despondency, Dan’s only defense is to distract him with a dream that someday they’ll find a safe place where they can be together. When Dan seizes an opportunity to free Teddy and their hideout collides with Teddy’s tormentor, Dan is faced with an impossible decision—let Teddy live to return to the horrors of confinement, or set him free the only way he knows how.

Of Clocks and Chaos is a Contemporary YA Horror inspired by Of Mice and Men.

A novel by

Lena Day

Coming Fall 2018