Mark Easterday

MarkEasterdayMark Easterday is a buyer in the hobby game industry dealing with dragons, ghosts, and dungeons during the day. He writes fiction at night. His favorite genres are historical fiction, historical fantasy, sword and sorcery fantasy, and select thrillers and mysteries. Authors who have inspired him include Bernard Cornwell, Sharon Kay Penman, Linda Castillo, Lincoln Child, Douglas Preston, Roger Zelazny, Katherine Kurtz, and Guy Gavriel Kay. Mark’s motivation to write is to pay back the world of fiction for all that it has meant to him through the years and to add a small contribution to the millions of words that describe the human condition.

His other interests include vegetarian cooking, riding kick scooters, canoeing, hiking, IndyCar and NASCAR racing, listening to epic inspirational music, and adding books to his already multi-year deep reading pile.

Mark is an Indiana University graduate and lives in Columbus, Indiana, with his wife Maggie, daughter Ashley, a cat named Cryball, and two birds.