M. Richard Eley

MRichardEleyRichard Eley is a Tidewater, Virginia native, an IT professional, and an author of several fine sentences. He writes sci-fi, horror, fantasy, creative non-fiction/memoir, and instructional non-fiction. His work appears in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, Issues in Science and Technology magazine, and a Fahrenheit Books sci-fi short story anthology. One of his sci-fi short stories and two of his creative non-fiction stories have won prizes in writing contests.

He has presented writing craft seminars for The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk, VA; at Hampton Roads Writers Annual Conferences; and for HRW’s Traveling Pen workshops.

In his spare time, he plays guitar, organizes the Tidewater Writers critique group, and he is a member of Hampton Roads Writers board of directors. Once in a while he even finds a few minutes to work on his concurrent projects: a book on the craft of modern writing, a collection of memoir short stories, and multiple sci-fi novels.