Lost Boy

“. . .fantastic twist on a classic.” —The Literary Vixen

Wendy swore she would return . . . But Peter isn’t willing to wait.

After marooning himself on Neverland to ensure his crew’s return home, Peter is determined to find a way off the ageless planet and back to the Jolly Roger and Wendy’s arms. Looking to the future, he presses on, until someone from his past reveals the dark secrets hidden in Neverland’s depths.

Meanwhile, traveling across distant galaxies, Wendy’s ship is failing. With systems malfunctions increasing and supplies running low, Wendy and her crew must find a way to keep the antiquated vessel afloat. But creaks and groans on an aging vessel aren’t the Captain’s only concern—there are whispers onboard, quiet voices skittering through the shadows that warn of something much more sinister.

The Neverland Transmissions book #2.

a Peter Pan Space Adventure Retelling


J.M. Sullivan

#LostBoy #NeverlandTransmissions


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CATEGORY: Young Adult | Peter Pan Retelling | Science Fiction | Space Adventure | Romance | Mystery

AGE: Young Adult, 14+ (mild violence)


April 11, 2023 | xxx pages

Paperback: $14.95

Ebook: $4.99

Print: 978-1-958109-30-4 | Ebook: 978-1-958109-31-1