Learning Resources: Daughter 4254

IMG_9293-2Self-Expression and The Arts:

Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham is a YA novel about a world in which names are outlawed because they promote individuality. Also outlawed: art, music, films, books, color, and all of the beautiful things that make life creative and imaginative. So today’s focus is all about names and art in its various forms. Enjoy!

Art: All About Me Activities | Skills: Creativity, Focus, Motor Skills, Self-appreciation | Ages: Young Children, Middle Grade, TeenIMG_9295

  • Draw your name in bubble letters and decorate each letter in a way that represents something about your personality or what you like to do.IMG_9297
  • Write your name out and use each letter to describe part of your personality.
  • Make a slideshow, collage, or drawing of your favorite quotes, art, and movie scenes while your favorite songs play in the background.

Art: Look & Find, Coloring Page | Skills: Creativity, Focus, Motor Skills, Self-appreciation | Ages: Young Children, Middle Grade, Teen 

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 3.38.41 PMFor young children, use this Look & Find printable to search for items and color. If you’d rather not print, children can look for items on your screen and point them out to you as they find them.Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 3.39.01 PM

For older children and teens, try this printable coloring page.

Movement: Dance Party | Skills: Family Time, Coordination, Exercise, Music Appreciation | Ages: Young Children, Middle Grade, Teen, Adults!

Daughter 4254 lives in a world where music is not allowed. Go pull your family together, blast your favorite music, and have a dance party!

Reading: Bookmark Printable | Skills: Language Building, Literacy, Reading Comprehension, | Ages: Middle Grade, Teen

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 3.39.18 PMChoose a book that has made an impact on your life and jump straight to your favorite sections to re-read and appreciate. As a bonus, try these printable bookmarks in color or black and white. They work best on cardstock if you have it.

As an alternative, create your own bookmark with your favorite quote or pictures or colors. Have fun with it!

Writing: Art that Inspires | Skills: Journaling, Storytelling, Creative Writing | Ages: Middle Grade, Teen

Make lists of your favorite movies, shows, books, art pieces, or songs. Appreciate how each of them has contributed to who you are.

Take one of the items on your lists and write fan fiction or your own story based on the themes that inspire you.

Bonus: Bored Panda posted this wonderful list of museums offering virtual tours. Go look at some art! From the comfort and safety of your own home!!

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