Lauren Reynolds

LaurenBorn and raised in the Hudson valley of New York, but currently residing in Maryland, Lauren Reynolds grew up with a deep love, respect, and spiritual connection to nature and the magical world beyond the landscapes. Growing up in a big house with her family where she loved to make up stories, play fantasy games, read original fairy tales (in all their dark and spooky glory) and listening to her grandfather and Great Grandmother tell her stories of faeries and Irish history.

Deciding early in life she wanted to become a writer, she studied English at the University of New York—Oneonta where she received a Bachelors of Science in English with a minor in creative Writing and History and received her Masters in Library and Informational Sciences form he University of Maryland—College Park. She is a poet, novelist and short story writer who specializes in writing fantasy and is deeply inspired by her love of nature, mythology, history and her own Irish background, she has published several poems and short stories and is currently working on several more. She currently lives in Bel Air, Maryland with her family where she is eagerly working on her next writing project and enjoying long walks in the woods with her dog.

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