Kevin Lankes

Kevin Lankes.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR

Kevin Lankes studies creative writing in the MFA program at Sarah Lawrence College and pens content for clients primarily in the science, tech, and healthcare industries. He’s the author of Metastatic Memories, a memoir about his experience with cancer at the age of 25. His work has appeared in print and online in a variety of locations and outlets, including The Huffington PostThe Riverdale Press, and Mapquest’s Parachute.

Kevin grew up in a small town in the Allegheny Mountains and now splits his time between central Pennsylvania and New York City. In his lifetime, he has survived cancer, toured the U.S., joined secret societies, lived on couches, flown a barely working plane, and found love in a museum dedicated to Tibetan and Himalayan art. He has worked, among other things, as an editorial assistant, a patient advocate, a project manager, and a professional polka musician.

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