Join our Clan Finalists

So many great stories—not enough space to print them all!

Here you’ll find our fantastic teen anthology finalists. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on their stories—every author needs feedback—but remember, this is 100% a NO BULLY ZONE. Helpful feedback only. Happy reading!

Join our Clan-Allison    Join our Clan-AmandaJoin our Clan-AshLeigh   Join our Clan-BrielleJoin our Clan-Evie   Join our Clan-GraceJoin our Clan-Jamie   Join our Clan-LaurenJoin our Clan-Lenicka   Join our Clan-LibertieJoin our Clan-Maria   Join our Clan-SarahJoin our Clan-Shion   Join our Clan-SimoneJoin our Clan-Sydney

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of our finalists! To read the winning stories that have gone through the full editing and publication process, the anthology can be purchased here: