Houses of the Holy

Jack_Polo_1Matt Singer and Jamal Wade are private investigators who decide to sell real estate to make some money on the side. When they land a $15-million-dollar listing, they think they’re on easy street.

But when their client, the beautiful Abbey McDougal, is brutally murdered and Jamal becomes a suspect, they’re caught in a deadly undertow—stronger than anything out in the water—of corruption, greed and a cover-up that goes to the very top.

Matt will do anything to clear Jamal. And before he finds the truth, a man’s shattered skull and bones buried decades earlier will be discovered, an illegitimate son, hidden for decades will return to claim his inheritance, and a killer will set up Matt as the fall guy for a political assassination.

Houses of the Holy is the first novel in the Sunshine Noir trilogy, where dark things happen in bright places.

A novel by

Jack Polo

Coming August 2018

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