Frontiers: Then, Now, and Beyond

Whether it’s a lone character trying to do the right thing in a hostile environment, a ragtag team of mismatched people working together to survive and create new worlds, or frontiers created by climate change, technology, or other borders that capture the beauty and brutality of seclusion vs. progress, now more than ever, frontiers explore the timeless relevance in which an outsider is drawn to new horizons, answering the call to push against boundaries, fight for an underdog cause, or discover unexplored terrains.

Frontier spaces mean pushing new boundaries in interesting ways, in the past, present, and future. Join us as we discover uncharted spaces of all varieties—real and imagined.


Abbie Werner James, Abigail Card, Benjamin Sperduto, C.A. Farran, Candice Marley Conner, Daniel Paton, Elise Berensen Meyer, Estelle Rodgers, George Brewington, Geri Copitch, J. Gordon, Joshua Chaplinsky, Kate Maxwell, Katie Sherman, Kimberly Grymes, Kurt Kirchmeier, Lawrence Salani, Leigh Statham, Liz Delton, Maia Cornish, Maria Carvalho, Matt Hollingsworth, Nathan Alling Long, Sharon Frame Gay, Stella B. James, Steve Bates

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CATEGORY: Anthology | Contemporary | Fantasy | Horror| Humor | Science Fiction | Short Story

AGE: Adult, 18+


October 26, 2021 | 336 pages

Paperback: $14.99

Ebook: $4.99

Print: 978-1-945654-90-9

Ebook: 978-1-945654-91-6