Ethereal Horizon (The New Order Trilogy #2)

Ethereal Horizon2Alramadia.

The word stings Malik like a brand from a hot iron. His best friend taken, thousands of dead in his hometown, and the looming threat of Safad and his army of fanatics grows larger. There’s only one way to move—forward—right into the teeth of war.

With word of Kafed’s genius being used for Onyx’s sinister purposes, Malik must rush to save his best friend before he’s no longer useful. Yet, all Qashang bars his way and unstable allies from the South surround him.

Proclaimed Flame of Leiol, Malik Zzoha must face tens of thousands of enemy soldiers and a man-god in order to challenge the finest warrior on the planet. His teacher? A sadist with no moral compass, branded as an enemy.

Book two of The New Order trilogy

A science fiction novel by

Juan Zapata

Coming Summer 2020