Del Toro Moon

Coming Soon--DarbyKarchut
Bad enough Mateo “Matt” Del Toro struggles to keep his unyielding father and macho-driven older brother from ramming heads on a daily basis. Now, he has to prevent his new friend, Perry—a horse-crazy girl who recently moved to their small town of Huerfano, Colorado—from discovering the true nature of his odder-than-oddball family of monster hunters.

But for thirteen-year-old Matt, life is about to get even more jackrabbit crazy. In addition to learning the family business—riding down and killing werewolf-like creatures, known as skinners, that infest the surrounding canyonlands—he must also save a group of archeologists from getting skinner-ed. Aided by a magic-enhanced iron mace, a father with one cowboy boot still planted in medieval Spain, and a trio of Andalusian warhorses who don’t know when to shut up, Matt is in for one loco summer.

A Middle Grade novel by

Darby Karchut

Coming Fall 2018


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