Change the World

There are a million ways to change the world: choosing to be kind to others, planting a garden, recycling, standing up for what you believe in, helping those in need, rescuing animals, and so many more.

But also, writing great stories. Fiction is the vehicle for learning what it’s like to be another person, feeling empathy, and learning about realities beyond our own. Stories change the world in their own way, and so do their heroes and heroines, accomplishing death-defying feats, life-altering journeys, and fighting for good against evil.

Unexpected twists and turns. Protagonists who make daring choices. Magic and mayhem. Love and fear. From sassy fairy tales to epic journeys and everything in between, a talented lineup of teen authors brings you a one-of-a-kind collection of short stories that will take you to your wildest imaginings…and beyond. Join us as, together, we all do our part to change the world.


Adele Curzon, Alefiya Presswala, Amanda K. Grant, Andrew Kenney, Anton Rendon, Ariana Harrison, Elijah Lewis, Ellen Smoes, Emily Carlisle, Emily LaGrone, Emma Charles, Emma Kerkman, Emma Nash, Issabelle Perry, Jessica Croley, Jordan Guzzi, Lenicka Lee, Megan Riann, Michaela Watters, Naomi Pond, Rylee Cundiff, Shalin Hale, Shion Cook, Tanager Ryan, Trenton Morrison


Alayna Beck, Budhaditya Ghosh, Christopher Nokes, Claire Croley, Dierdre Keppner, Ella Redwine, Impish Praniti, Jade Davis, Joe Rogers, Lana Pandora Kay, Reina Buchanan, Vishnu Rama Varma Thampuran,

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CATEGORY: Anthology | Contemporary | Fantasy | Science Fiction | Humor | Teen

AGE: Young Adult, 12+


March 12, 2020  | 3xx pages

Paperback: $12.95

Ebook: $2.99

Print: TBD | Ebook: TBD