Calista Perazzo

Calista.jpgCalista’s creative writing career began near the mountains of Utah and the tree farms of Oregon—during her junior high and high school math classes. She attended Brigham Young University and received a Bachelor of Arts in History and English Teaching. After graduation, Calista became a professional dabbler; in addition to reading and writing predominantly Young Adult literature, she has dabbled in photography, watercolor painting, flower gardening, sewing, paper and vinyl crafting, furniture refinishing, and memorizing Hamilton lyrics.

Currently her days are filled with her three children, appreciating the joy of magic tracks, Lego sets, and Mo Willem’s brilliance. Her evenings are spent in a biker gang with her children and husband, leaving her nights free for creative pursuits. Calista’s first short story is included in the anthology Cabinet of Curiosities, and she is working on her first novel.

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