Cabin Redemption


When Laena wakes in the hospital after her third suicide attempt, her family is desperate and out of solutions. Then, Dr. Neeler knocks on their door and tells them about a treatment center, Cabin Redemption, offering teens immersive, holistic therapy, complete with horses.

A week later, Laena travels to Cabin Redemption in the rustic, untamed mountains of North Carolina. She meets her eleven cabinmates, who have issues ranging from obsessive-compulsive disorders and sociopathic personalities. She bonds with the horses, four Friesian geldings as damaged and fragile as the teens caring for them.

In the night, disaster strikes. The bridge leading off the mountain is swept away by sudden flooding, and, due to miscommunication, none of the adults remain on site.

The twelve teens are left alone and tragedy ensues, putting them in a race against time to solve the mystery and save themselves.

a YA Psychological Thriller


Shelly X. Leonn


Coming Summer 2022