“This book is a dazzling foray into the worlds of creativity and the human experience. Whether you want to improve your creativity or you want to gain insight into how to flourish as a human, this book is for you.” —Nich Krause, creator of The Scientific Philosopher

  • Break free of toxic success myths.
  • Transcend the suffering artist paradigm.
  • Actualize your limitless creative potential.

Many writers, artists, musicians, and creatives are approaching creativity in a way that’s damaging to their well-being and their productivity. This book goes where no other books on creativity dare to tread—exposing the toxic success myths that hold people back while giving readers pragmatic steps to turn breakdowns into life-changing breakthroughs.

Through concise, friendly chapters that weave together personal experiences with guidance from current research and nondual wisdom traditions, Breakthrough reveals the radical perspective-shifting solutions needed to unlock your most successful, sustainable, and blissful creative self.

In this book you’ll learn to:

  • Recognize toxic success myths
  • Persevere like a pro
  • Conquer the comparison game
  • Restore your connection with creativity
  • Develop healthy creative habits and perspectives
  • Make failure, doubt, and fear productive
  • Revise more effectively
  • Embrace all stages of the creative process
  • Access creativity more freely, fully, and effectively
  • Engage creativity as a consciousness raising practice
  • Actualize your immense creative potential

A Creative Writing Guide by

Todd Mitchell


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CATEGORY: Non-fiction | Creative Writing | Mindfulness | Productivity | Writing Tools | Creativity

AGE: Adult


November 9, 2021 | 368 pages

Paperback: $14.99

Ebook: $4.99

Print: 978-1-945654-88-6 | Ebook: 978-1-945654-89-3