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Meet the Author: Nicole Conway

Nicole Conway is the author of Scales, a teen fantasy with dragons and epic battles set in contemporary NYC. It's coming in the spring, but before then, we wanted you to meet the book's incredible author. A few things you may not know about Nicole: I was homeschooled! My mom, who has been a professional teacher… Continue reading Meet the Author: Nicole Conway


These Wicked Waters by Emily Layne

These Wicked Waters had one of the best queries we've ever read. It was succinct and full of voice and had a hook that left us crossing our fingers that the book was as good as it sounded. It was. Emily and her agent Becky LeJeune were a joy to talk with, and when they… Continue reading These Wicked Waters by Emily Layne


Why Rejection Creates Great Writers

I’ve thought about rejection a lot lately, especially as we’re forced to choose between some really great stories for our upcoming anthology. Publishing is an industry rife with rejection, and we talk about it often, but I like thinking about rejection as a necessity to developing your best writer self rather than an evil to… Continue reading Why Rejection Creates Great Writers


Golden Skies Media Roundup

Since its release, Golden Skies has received some great media attention, buzz from Zapata's Hispanic community, his university, and fans across the globe. Here are a few of the highlights: Nashville Noticias interview with Veronica Salcedo Latino News interview with Norma Guevara Philippe WHNT 19 News, article, Huntsville, AL WAFF 48 News, TV interview,… Continue reading Golden Skies Media Roundup


Blackspire by Benjamin Sperduto

It's no exaggeration to say that fans of George R.R. Martin will be enamored by the intense world building, character development, and heart-pounding intrigue of the epic fantasy novel, Blackspire. Sperduto has published numerous books, and his in-depth knowledge of Eastern-European history, his copy editing skills, and love of all things fantasy, sci-fi, and horror… Continue reading Blackspire by Benjamin Sperduto


Band of Misfits Launch Party

In April, we celebrated the release of Band of Misfits: Adventure on the High Seas, an all-teen anthology published in conjunction with Teen Author Boot Camp's annual teen writers conference. We had a blast! The turnout was fantastic, and all but two of our twenty-six teen authors were in attendance. We couldn't be more grateful… Continue reading Band of Misfits Launch Party


Top Tips For Creating Realistic Writing Goals

Guest post by Claerie Kavanaugh Aspiring to be a writer is one thing, but actually being one is entirely another. For some people, calling themselves a “real writer” means they are published and may or may not have made money off of their work. That does make them a published writer, but the first step… Continue reading Top Tips For Creating Realistic Writing Goals


Platform Dwellers Launch Party

The official Book Launch of Platform Dwellers was held in New Orleans at Blue Cypress Books on Oak Street May 30th from 6 to 8 pm. Platform Dwellers sold out, thanks to a wonderful community of dancers, artists, musicians, and passersby who stopped in to explore the world of Platforms. Katarina read a brief excerpt, did not… Continue reading Platform Dwellers Launch Party


The Ghost and the Wolf by Shelly X. Leonn

When you read a book that combines urban exploration, secret societies, and paranormal investigators, it's hard not to fall in love immediately. Add a hefty dose of exceptional writing and enthralling characters, and you have The Ghost and the Wolf, a YA mystery thriller by the brilliant Shelly X. Leonn. She's an author to watch—check… Continue reading The Ghost and the Wolf by Shelly X. Leonn

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The Stolen Life by Mekenzie Orton

Shivering at the unfamiliar coldness of the water, I pause once again searching for Syreni. She told me to meet at the bottom of the cliff, yet she’s nowhere to be found. Where is she? I wonder moving strands of purple hair out of my face. Focusing I listen for anything unusual only to hear… Continue reading The Stolen Life by Mekenzie Orton