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Benjamin Sperduto is a copywriter, musician, and tabletop game designer. As an only child growing up in rural Ohio, he developed an overactive imagination from an early age. When it was no longer socially acceptable to fight orcs and cave trolls with his homemade wooden sword, he turned that imagination toward writing fiction and creating fantasy worlds for roleplaying games.

Most of his writing is greatly inspired by history, whether it’s the Russian influence behind his debut novel, The Walls of Dalgorod (2015), or the medieval urban stylings of his most recent book, Blackspire (2020). 

Ben lives and works in Tampa, FL, waiting patiently for rising sea levels to turn his humble home into lucrative beachfront property. In recent years, he has also recorded and released over a dozen electronic music albums under the name Morana’s Breath and published several tabletop RPGs under the Last Redoubt Games label. For a full list of publications, visit his website.

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