Band of Misfits: Adventure on the High Seas

BandofMisfits-3.22Mermaids, mutinies, and a deluge of seafaring misfits are sure to please all manner of readers in this page-turning anthology. Dead men tell no tales, but teen authors have plenty to say, so sit back, kick up your sand-crusted toes, and settle in to ride a wave of enchanting, deadly, and downright delightful stories.


Allie Staffiery, Ariana Harrison, Cheyenne Ingalls, Daeyang Dragone, Emily Carlisle, Emma Perry, Hailey Clement, Heather Drabant, Jacob Willden, Jamie Perona, Kaleah Jackson, Kelly Lundgren, Kenzie Koehle, Kylie Hallett, Lenicka Lee, Lexi Rogers, Liliana Smith, Madison Peterson, Maria Yates, Merlin Blanchard, Nathan Schaffer, Sarah Stanley, Sequoia Brighton, Shion Cook, Sophie Nicholson, Sydney Beal


Allison Williams, Amanda Grant, Anna Eyre, Aubree Guymon, Avie Eichelberger, Brianna Allen, Evie Thurgood, Hannah Carr, Jenevieve Hall, Mekenzie Orton, Makayla Tolman, Nate Cunningham, Trenton Morrison


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CATEGORY: Anthology | Contemporary | Fantasy | Science Fiction | Humor | Teen

AGE: Young Adult, 12+


April 6, 2018  | 382 pages

Paperback: $12.99

Ebook: $2.99

Print: 978-1945654237| Ebook: 978-1945654244