Ariana Harrison

Ariana.jpgAriana Harrison wrote her first story about an almost-political struggle between a group of unicorns and the evil tyrant Lord Leo; the conflict naturally was resolved with a trap involving cake.  Of course, she was five when she wrote the story, so it didn’t make much sense, but her mom maintains the stance that the story is a classic. That first interest-sparking experience combined with her ravenous appetite for books was the perfect recipe for a developing author.

Ever since, she’s been dreaming up new characters and sketching out story schemes; she has even gone on adventures and tried new things purely for the sake of being able to write about them accurately.  She is a firm believer in the power of music to fuel writing. In her spare time, she loves singing, spending time with her loved ones, writing with her friends and family, and drawing. When she’s not scribbling down a new idea, Ariana can be found reading, laughing at her own jokes, and dancing in thunderstorms.