Yeah, we know that owl flocks are technically called parliaments or wisdoms, but those are way too stuffy sounding for the coolness of our team. We love bloggers and reviewers! You help spread the word about our books better than anyone else could.

The Flock will be offered Advance Reader Copies (ARCs)—books to read before they’re available to buy—in exchange for posting a review as soon as the book launches. ARCs are free for approved advanced readers in a variety of e-formats.

What’s in it for you? Free copies of e-books before they’re available to the public! Plus, after you’ve posted on Amazon (in addition to other sites like blogs, Goodreads, etc. if you want to be extra wonderful!), then you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you review one of our books, please let us know or tag us on social media. We so appreciate knowing it’s out there!

We don’t pay for reviews or control what you write in them. It’s all about reading awesome books and telling the world what you think.

We’re so grateful for your time! Thank you for your interest in helping our wonderful authors get the recognition they deserve. We look forward to hearing from you!


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The fine print:

Once you’ve received an ARC, you will be expected to submit your review on Amazon within seven days of the book’s release date. Please leave an honest review that includes a few sentences about what worked for you or what didn’t. Also, please mention that you were given the book in exchange for your honest review.

Please email a screenshot or link of your review to promo@owlhollowpress, and you’ll be entered into our drawing for a $25 gift card to your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

We are sending books in exchange for reviews. If you are unable to leave a review for a book received, we may remove you from the list to make room for another reader.