It’s Learning About Query Letters Month!

Since we’re opening to queries in June, we thought May would be the perfect month to talk all things querying. Additionally, we’re very excited to try something we’ve never tried before: a LIVE reading and critique of actual queries from our inbox.

If you have a query you’d like to send us, we’ll choose a few to share live on May 20th. Here are the rules:

  • Your query should be an actual query of an actual finished book. We may request it!
  • Add “Live Query” to the subject line.
  • Send your query to
  • Send it before May 20th for consideration.
  • If it’s not chosen for our May workshop, we will still read and respond to it. That means you’ll jump the line of our open query period in June.
  • We will accept queries of any genre and age, but please know that these are the books we will generally be interested in.
  • These rules apply only to queries with the appropriate subject line received May 1-20. Otherwise, please adhere to our regular querying periods and processes.

Note: We may read your actual query online with real feedback—good and bad—so please be prepared for that. We will NOT share names online, and our aim is never to embarrass anyone. Our goal is to provide helpful, real-world examples.

Check out our past videos for more details on how to write a strong query, and we look forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “It’s Learning About Query Letters Month!”

  1. Eeeekk, this is SO EXCITING!!!!!!! Can’t wait for all the AWESOME FB live videos!!!! (Especially ’cause queries are one of my favorite writing topics–it’s weird, I know. XD) Night Owls are always suuuper fun!!!! ❤️😄

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re excited, Issabelle! You’ll have to tell us more about what you love about queries. 🙂 We’re excited to “see” you tonight!

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