Two Truths and a Lie: Jen Marie Hawkins

We’re so excited to play Two Truths and a Lie with Jen Marie Hawkins! For those of you who haven’t played before, below Jen has given us three details from her life… but only two of them are true!

Can you guess which one is a lie? Tell us what you think in the comments or on social media.

1. I perform rituals every month on the new moon and full moon. 

2. I am a terrible cook.

3. I have a cherry orchard in my backyard.

Think you know which are true and which one is the lie?

Share your guess in the comments or on social media, then join us at Thursday’s book club to hear the answers from Jen Marie Hawkins herself!

Find out more about The Language of Cherries and Jen Marie Hawkins.

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