Two Truths and a Lie: Darby Karchut

We’re thrilled to be playing Two Truths and a Lie with Darby Karchut! For those of you who haven’t played before, below Darby has given us three experiences from her life…the only catch is that only two of them are true. Can you guess which one is a lie? Tell us what you think in the comments or on social media.


  • My horse was asked to be the reserve mount for the 1980 US Olympic Equestrian Team.
  • I spent a night in a police compound in South America.
  • When I turned 40, I did a tandem parachute jump.

Think you know which are true and which one is the lie? Share your guess in the comments, check out Darby’s Live video for the answer, or check out the answers below the jump!

Ready to know the truth behind the enigmatic Darby Karchut?

Here we go…

Darby Karchut’s answers:

1) My horse was asked to be the reserve mount for the 1980 US Olympic Equestrian Team (truth)

As a young teen growing up in New Mexico, I had a Half-Arab/Quarter Horse named Beau Bar-Drift. A dappled gray gelding, he was a wonderful blend of both breeds, but holy moly, what a troublemaker when he was bored. I remember one time he reached around the corral fence and managed to turn on the water spigot and flooded the entire corral. But when he was under saddle, Beau could do anything and everything. From English huntseat to Western pleasure to dressage to competitive endurance racing, he lived up to the phrase: the Versatile Half Arab. It was this versatility that led the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team to approach my aunt (who was the actually owner of Beau on paper) to see if we might lend him to the team. Sadly, that was the year the U.S. boycotted the Olympics because it was in the Soviet Union. Thus endeth my brief brush with Olympic fame, one removed.

2) I spent a night in a police compound in South America (truth)

About twenty years ago, my husband and I journeyed through the Peruvian Andes along one of the lesser known routes to Machu Picchu. Our group of tourists were with a well-known tour company, so we were very safe and quite pampered during the week-long trek. However, there were pockets of the Shining Path terrorist group (the Sendero Luminoso) still operating in some of the remote regions of that part of Peru. One night, our head guide, Ricky, decided that he was hearing a little too much local gossip about possible terrorist activity, so he arranged for us and our pack mules to pitch camp inside a local police compound for safety. We all shared a meal, had a few beers, then crawled into our sleeping bags with a lovely view of Concertina wire through our tent door. And, yes, Machu Picchu was even more incredible than I imagined.

3) When I turned 40, I did a tandem parachute jump (lie)

Actually, it was my husband who did that crazy thing at the age of 40. I’m brave about certain things, but only if my feet are planted on the earth. It’s not from a fear of heights – ladders and roofs and mountain peaks don’t bother me at all. I even enjoy rock or wall climbing if I’m roped up. I am the poster child for calculated risks.




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