Spirits of Chaos Series: Anticipating a New Cover

We’re super excited to show you the cover for Wings, book 2 in the Spirits of Chaos series on Friday, so we thought we’d ask author Nicole Conway a few questions before the big reveal. If you’d like a refresher about book 1, check out the description of Scales.


We loved Koji’s transformation in book 1. Can you tell us about where he went from that book to where he’s starting in book 2?

So in book one we see a lot of Koji’s expectations of what being a superhero is like beginning to crumble. He realizes that his actions in his dragon-form have real consequences that can impact others—including the people he loves. When we reunite with him in book two, Koji is still coming to terms with this. He’s still determined to handle his superhero business on his own, keeping his hero identity a secret from his loved ones, and internalizing the negative emotions. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for him!

Will there be new characters? Will characters that we already love take a more prominent role in the new story?

Oh yes—the full cast is returning in book two! Drake, Tabitha, Claire, Damien, and Madeline all play important roles. We’ll also meet a new villain! So exciting!

What are you most excited for readers to discover in book 2?

Honestly, I’m excited for them to see the ending. Koji goes through a lot in this book, but the ending was so raw and real. It’s one of those moments of understanding and comfort that I think everyone craves at some point in their life, but especially in their teenage years when we’re learning how to stand on our own and how to ask for help when we really need it.

Any teasers you want to share about the new cover coming Friday?

Hmmm. Let’s just say, I think it’ll make a big splash!  😉

Did that whet your appetite? We know we’re excited! Only two more days…


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