The Owl’s Nest: learning resources for kids and teens

nestbannerFor many families, one of the most chaotic effects of the current COVID-19 crisis is having children out of school. Since all of our team members are moms, we are feeling that change acutely! In many ways, it’s wonderful to have the extra time together, but it’s also stressful to manage learning, boredom, anxiety and all of the other parts that come with a long, uncertain break from school.

It’s also hard to know how to contribute to the community during this difficult time. But, since our team also consists of a homeschool teacher, former Early Childhood Education teacher, and a former college writing teacher, we realized there is a way we can help!

For the foreseeable future, we’ll post new learning activities each day. They will be fun and educational ways to interact with children of different ages, keeping them engaged and occupied amid the uncertainty.

While none of these activities will require reading any of our books, we will relate them to themes and topics in our books, because, well, they are awesome and provide great springboards for learning ideas. But all of the activities are free for you to enjoy without purchasing anything whatsoever!

Our activity calendar will be updated daily. If you’d like to receive these activities straight to your inbox, please sign up here. You can also join our education-focused Facebook group here.

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