Meet the Author: Leigh Statham

MeetAuthor-Leigh.pngLeigh Statham is the author of Daughter 4254, a fast-paced, romantic, and epic YA, in which Daughter grows up in a community where art, music and names are outlawed. She finds information that could further a rebellion against the community, but all she really wants is to run away and enjoy a quiet life of freedom. The book is awesome…but wait until you read the sequel, scheduled for early next year!

Leigh is also an award-winning poet, a world traveler, an advocate for the underdog, and a connoisseur of fine tacos. She’s a ball of smarts, energy, and awesomeness.

A few things you may not know about Leigh Statham, in the words of Leigh Statham:

  • I grew up on a small farm in Idaho and had my own mule named Sissy to ride whenever I wanted. My favorite thing to do was saddle her up in the spring and fall when the fields were turned under and run as fast as we could, as far as we could. I frequently fell off.
  • I love to be outside. I write outside as often as possible. I spend every night outside with my dog for about half an hour looking at the stars and taking deep breaths. Sometimes I sleep outside if I don’t feel like I’ve soaked up enough of the trees and stars and night sounds.
  • As long as it won’t kill me or send me to the hospital, I’m game to eat anything once. Chocolate covered bug? Sure. Why not?

Leigh’s advice for writers:


Finish what you start. Even if it feels like a horrible, hot mess, there is nothing more empowering than writing THE END on tens of thousands of words. It will do wonders for your self worth and your energy going forward.

If you are writing, you’re a writer. Never forget that.



Leigh Statham lives in North Carolina and has an MFA in Young Adult literature. She is the winner of the 2018 James Applewhite Poetry prize honorable mention, the Southeast Review 2016 Narrative Nonfiction prize, and acts as the Managing Fiction Editor at South 85 Journal.

Her fourth YA novel, Imani Unraveled, is coming February 2019, and her essays, poetry, and short stories can be found in the Remington ReviewSoutheast ReviewNorth Carolina Literary Review, and several anthologies.

Find more about Leigh here.

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