Daughter 4254 Pre-launch Tour and Party

launch poster-2Utah and Idaho welcomed Leigh Statham as she kicked off the tour for her newest novel, Daughter 4254, by visiting numerous middle and high schools, the historic Provo library, and the Grand Teton Barnes and Noble.

Here’s a recap of her adventures:

Leigh is a natural at working the crowds, and since she’s so passionate about art and education, the kids were excited to engage with her.


Halfway through her tour, she was joined by YA author Jennifer Jenkins. Together they created a fierce, fabulous duo. 

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Photo credit: Leigh Statham on Instagram
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Leigh AND the phone recharging between school visits. Photo credit: Jennifer Jenkins on Instagram
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Photo credit: Jennifer Jenkins on Instagram

The pre-launch party was a ton of fun. We had a great turn out, and it was an energetic crowd. We couldn’t have been more pleased by the enthusiasm for Daughter 4254.

Leigh gave a fantastic presentation on why the arts matter and how we can fight for them in our schools and communities–wearing a stunning, themed bird dress, of course. We had activities, signed books, and chatted right up until the library kicked us out. Literally.

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Photo credit: Jo Schaffer on Instagram
The amazing Loren from The King’s English Bookshop


Since Daughter 4254 tackles a world without creativity, our activities focused on art, literacy, and music:


Mugshots for committing crimes of creativity


Leigh taking time away from the grind to play Pokemon Go with the MG crowd

Thank you to the Provo library and The King’s English for hosting us.

And especially, thank you to all who came and supported Leigh! We’ve had a wonderful response to her amazing book, and we’re grateful to her fans!

Have any photos of your own to share? We’d love to see them at #D4254 or #Daughter4254





ohp-leighstathamLeigh Statham

is the author of Daughter 4254, a Whitney-nominated science-fiction YA, The Perilous Journey series, and winner of the 2016 Southeast Review Nonfiction Prize for her short story “The Ditch Bank and the Fenceline.” She holds an MFA from Converse College.

Find Leigh online: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

D4254-CoverDaughter 4254

In a community where art, music and names are outlawed, Daughter4254 must choose between using her mother’s secrets of the rebellion to better the world she hates and following her heart to the quiet life of freedom she has always craved.

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