Daughter 4254 Preorder Offer

Preorder a print copy of Daughter 4254 by Leigh Statham to receive an exclusive book swag giveaway!


Giveaway includes: pencil pouch, 2 buttons (design/character will vary), bookmark, coloring doodle notepad, music note pencil, stacking colored pencil, and bookplate sticker, signed by the author. 

Daughter 4254 available November 7, 2017!

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3dBook_D4254.pngThank you for your interest in Daughter 4254. We hope you’ll love this amazing book as much as we do!

Gr 7 Up—In a community where art, music, and names are outlawed, Daughter4254 must choose between using her mother’s secrets of the rebellion to better the world she hates and following her heart to the quiet life of freedom she has always craved.


The fine print:

  • Book must be ordered by November 6, 2017 11:59pm PST.
  • Proof of Purchase must be submitted by November 7, 2017 11:59pm PST.
  • Only print book preorders qualify.
  • Books may be purchased from any retailer. Just keep the receipt!
  • If you order more than one book, you qualify for more than one kit. However, in order to ensure that we have all mailing addresses, each proof of purchase must be submitted separately. Duplicate forms with the same proof of purchase will be deleted.
  • Please don’t contact us to confirm receipt. Due to volume, we cannot respond to all emails. If you would like to verify that your form has been received, choose the option to have a copy sent to you at the bottom of the form.
  • Packages will be sent in batches throughout November. If you have not received your order by December 15th, please email us at If you email us before then, we will ask you to check back after December 15th.

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